Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Assignment 1: Process Write - Up

Unfortunately, I may have beaten off more than I can chew.  The dance moves I wanted Season Man to  do was a bit more complicated than I expected.  But first lets start with how I began this process.
First I created a mock-up of Season Man, but it wasn't successful.  So then I drew the character using photoshop and my knowledge of computer drawing and coloring.  Then I went to illustrator and made a vectorized version of Season Man, and I created each limb in a different layer.  Then I opened him up in after effects and added the pivot points to each limb, and I created a rigging hierarchy.  But this is where things became difficult.  Over the next two days, I tried to animate Season Man to the best of my abilities.  But instead of cool, robotic dance moves, Season Man simply enters the screen, breaks apart and comes back together as if he was of those toys that breaks, then comes back together.  Pretty boring, but I guess I would have to play around with program more in order to move each limb correctly without compromising the figure as a whole.

Assignment 1: Inspiration - Dancing

All these dance moves have the kind of movements I want for SMan  Robotic and cool.

Assignment 1: Inspiration - People In Green Suits

People in green suits.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Assignment 1: Introducing Character - Seson Man

Season Man is a science teacher who dresses in his specially made suit, and when the suit is activated he dances to a style that is representative of a certain season. By day he's a middle mannered science professor for a small university, but by night he dons his suit and flails his limbs in a fire passion of self expression.